Unable to send BEP-20 Coins BNB/BUSD

I hold BEP-20 coins on Metamask on the BSC Mainet and am not able to send these tokens, I’m mainly concerned with BNB and BUSD. The deposit addresses for BEP-20 begin with bnb and also require a memo usually. When the address for deposit it entered to send in Metamask I receive the error “Network does not support ENS”. How can I transfer these tokens to Binance US or Trust Wallet?

Hi @beast2be . Thanks for reaching out to the community.

If the address to which you’re trying to send starts with bnb… instead of 0x… then it means that you’re trying to send funds from the Binance Smart Chain into Binance Network (which are 2 distinct networks that are not compatible).

The simple way of making sure the funds arrive correctly, would be to send the funds to your Binance Exchange account, then send them again from your Binance Exchange account to the bnb… address using BEP2 (Binance Chain) as Withdrawal Network.