Uniswap takes very long time in sending transactions to metamask

Hi, It takes 5-8 seconds for uniswap to send transactions to my metamask, where I have to confirm the transaction. Anyone have a solution for this problem? Thanks in advance

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Also, after I confirm the transaction in metamask, it buffers for 2-3 seconds before sending the transaction to ethereum blockchain. Can anyone help me figure out how can I reduce this time?

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Hello @digant404 , welcome to MetaMask community!

From my experience, this is kind of normal behaviour, as loading times do not depend directly on the MetaMask wallet, but on what browser you’re using, how fast Uniswap works in that moment as it processes the request, and on your own Internet speed.

Also, keep in mind if you are using the browser from within MetaMask in the mobile app version, that it can be a bit slower than a standalone browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Try clearing cache from time to time to help with a smoother experience.


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