Upgraded security asap

Dear Metamask,

With multi factor authentication now becoming an essential part of most websites/extensions/mobile apps dealing with any sort of monetary transactions/storage, it would be massively appreciated by the metamask community if you could integrate added security such as 2FA for example, either via mobile/email or better still via a seperate 2FA app.

A combination of the above would work as well. This would be useful and secure whilst logging in first time after seed phrase recovery/signing in via login details/trying to send funds or sign transactions. And should a wallet unfortunately be compromised via seed phrase or private key exposure, 2FA would make things very difficult/fairly impossible for hackers/phishers to progress further.

Even something like having an option in security settings to use face/finger ID or a password for transaction signing would be massively helpful in securing the wallet.

I’m sure you are working on this already, and I’m sure it has already been mentioned, but the feature(s) mentioned above need to be added asap on all platforms that metamask is available on.

Other wallets are already using these added layers of security options and are safer to use, especially during transactions.

Another feature ideally is having a special seperate password lock on all internal settings of metamask. Kraken uses this and it has huge benefits as one can imagine.

I hope you can take note of the above and please do respond with your thoughts or with any current action plans.

Many thanks for your time in advance.