USDT to PVU confirmed but not displayed

I made a Swap in Poocoin, from USDT to PVU the transaction tells me confirmed, but in my metamask the token does not appear (I already have the token configured in the wallet) my PVU tokens that I had disappeared and the new ones that I bought did not arrive either.

What I can do?

It does not seem to me that it is compromised because the money never fell and the purchase was immediate, I have money in other currencies and it has not been compromised. The issue was that the PVU never went through my wallet, if they had hacked me the money would have been in my wallet and then transferred to another, but it was never in my wallet.

hash: 0xd91519e38fd43dd9908962cdd5a052c7134d79a8a0e54cd123b35ccd0c7456aa

Hey @Brolas, you can see that the transaction was successful and PVU was transferred to your wallet. Immediately afterwards, there was a transfer of PVU out of your wallet. The PVU after your swap does not show because the tokens have been transferred out.

Did you confirm this transaction of PVU out of your wallet? :point_down:

That wallet you show me is the one from the PVU game. No, I didn’t make that purchase, I was going to do it but I didn’t confirm it because I needed a PVU, that’s why I bought the PVU. And it is rare that a transaction is made to the PVU game and not to any wallet, which indicates that my wallet has not been compromised. Maybe the purchase was pending and when recharging PVU it was made. But it still didn’t work for me in the game.

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