Using MetaMask & siwe protocol for login

hey guys :slight_smile:

on the last project I worked on, I implemented a login flow that uses MetaMask, wagmi and siwe to sign a transaction with the user’s wallet, then verify it on a web2 server and authentify the session.
i wrote an article (can’t include it here apparently, i’ll try in the comments)

it’s a 5 minutes read, if you have time i’d really like some feedback on the implementation, and on the usefulness of the concept, so I can iterate on my code and produce a better v2 :slight_smile:


I can’t post any kind of links so I don’t know how to do this
it’s the same on reddit, do you guys know any place where I can get feedback on this ? I can’t actually share the code, my client has it

Hello @skpn ! Welcome to MetaMask community )
You may describe the concept of your project here by inserting screenshots of the code (and no personal information) and also describing your actions :innocent:


thanks for taking the time to answer :slight_smile:


@skpn you can drop your article in the ConsenSys Discord. There are a lot of channels, but I think you could drop it in one of the Devs Helping Devs channels to see if some people would give feedback. Official link to ConsenSys Discord is at bottom of the main ConsenSys homepage here:


i did! thanks a lot @KBeeTheCapybara


This problem has troubled me for a long time, your method works, thank you

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