Video auto play

On some websites within your browser videos play automatically. With other browser this is a feature that can be turned off. Please add that feature. Every time I open the browser to do crypto transactions only that video play for two of the BNB miners that I’m in. It’s very annoying. Thanks

Hello, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Metamask is a decentralized wallet. On the PC side, it only exists in your browser plug-in and won’t disturb you, so can you say it differently? :joy:

I’m using the Metamask app on my iPhone. You have a browser feature on that. I do all my crypto transactions within that browser when away from my main computer. Within that browser videos play automatically for two of the mining contracts that I’m in even if I’m not currently viewing that tab. It takes over the whole screen and I have to X out of the video to get it to stop playing. I can provide the url’s if you need that to try it out on your end.

Does that help?

Sorry for not being able to help you. I have no similar experience. Please wait patiently for the help of other professionals, which may be related to development.

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