We need to set separate provider name in metamask open source code

Hi MetaMask Team,
We are using MetaMask open source code but we could not set the provider name, currentky its ‘Ismetamask"’ . We need set separate provider name like rabby wallet. kindly assist the question As soon as possible
Thanks in advance



Hi do you mean you want to update the contributor name? Could you share more details please


The provider name currently set Ismetamask, How to we set another provide name for MetaMask open source code , because currently we could not default network as our own network, also every time connect the wallet its only connect in metamsk insteas of our extension

Do you understand my Question we are deeveloped extension for MetaMask open source code, but same chrome browser we did not find the extension because its always connect MetaMask instead of we developed…So currently what we do the connect our extension…like rabby wallet connect time rabby wallet having option for disable MetaMask … the sameway we are asking how disable MetaMask while using our extension

Yes we need to change the the contributor name like our extension name - Ismetamask to Ismetatron

Also the default network etherium need to change metatron network - how to this possible please explain

Waiting for your reply Thanks in advance

We are using MetaMask extension open source code to create new extension, But we could not connect the extension from website while enable the MetaMask…because of the both providers name is ISMETAMASK how to solve the issue… Like rabby wallet using MetaMask support and set separate provider name and MetaMask disable option in rabby extension, same will do our extension too, kindly assist Thanks in advance

I’m sorry for the wait, there are 2 choices you can open an issue on github on the repo you contributing or open a support following: https://support.metamask.io/ and click the blue “Start a Conversation” button to contact the support team

Sorry for the inconveniene, The issue already posted in git repo but till no reply in the repo, so that we are waiting.also the blue start a conversation also not answered my question redirect to somewhere… kindly assist the issue and solve the problem ASAP

thanks in advance

could you share the github issue please I’ll try to bump internally

ticket id : #23068

sub : Regarding need a specific provider for our custom wallet

ticket id : #22689

sub : How to set our own network as default network ?

Thank you I just let the team know, please wait

Hi Team,
When i connect my extension and working on decentralized website connectivity,after few hours close the chrome browser and reopen to connect the extenstion its took load more time extension not connected… we are using MetaMask open source code

What version are you on?

We are using MetaMask 11.7.3 version code

But same issue occurred on MetaMask 11.9.5 code also but currently extension live in 11.7.3 .kindly assist

You might need to open a support to share further details: https://support.metamask.io/ and click the blue Start a Conversation button to double check your account

blue start conversation also create some where to ticket but my question is not answererd till now