Weth can not convert to bnb

hello,MetaMask community! :fox_face:
I conveted eth mainnet move to bnb chain mainnet using multichain with matemask, its address is 0xB5693DF9195849c51262c1DC110d36f208C6fCd8. it succeed and change weth for the wallet. when i want weth swap into bnb by connecting bnb mainnet,it always show : Error fetching quotes Hmmm… something went wrong. Try again, or if errors persist, contact customer support. how can i solve it? by the way,when i try do the same thing using mobile matemask app,it still failed because of “swipe to swap” not working.
metemask software:
chrom extension, 10.14.6 version
android apk, v5.1.0(883)
best regards!

Hi @beyondboy your Balance is: 0 BNB :slightly_smiling_face: you need some BNB (0.4-0.8$) for this swap.


As Luigi said, you don’t have BNB in ​​your wallet, you need to transfer a small amount of BNB from other wallets or exchanges as gas fee

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