When will metamask update the cross chain bridge function?

Now the swap on metamask is very convenient, but it lacks a cross chain function. I can only connect to metamask and use other cross chain tools. It will be very convenient if I can bring such tools in metamask.

We sincerely hope that you can vote for this function and let the team see the real needs of our users. Cross chain function is a necessary tool for daily use.


Someone who really understands needs, one wallet solves all problems


I am new to MetaMask and I needed that functionality before I even knew MetaMask.

Hello, is anybody listening?

Hello @bfrgmx, welcome to MetaMask community!

Rest assured, we always have our eyes on user feedback.


Also I believe, Web3 will do much better than the fiat world when users will be able to send Coin-or-Token-W on Network-X to Coin-or-Token-Y on Network-Z.

Should we call it


Cross-Chain Swap-Bridge or Cross-Chain Bridge-Swap function?


It does not matter… unless I am a dreamer, this is a 1 Billion Dollar Idea to execute… We all buy Consensys shares or MetaMask coins and we all become millionnaires :slightly_smiling_face:

I am new to Web3 so I can afford to come up with silly ideas…

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I don’t think it is necessary to join the cross-chain. First of all, I think it will lead to unnecessary expenses, and at the same time reduce the basic functions and security of the wallet.

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if it will be as an experimental function that can be turned off as unnecessary, then this will be an excellent utility :boom:


as Vitalik said, bridges cannot be safe


Vitalik tells the truth, we are all constantly convinced of this)

It is live!

Check out how to use the MetaMask Bridges on our Knowledge Base here: