Where is my funds

Hello guys
I’m using metamask i send BUSD from BSC wallet to my eth wallet,can I get back my money because it doesn’t appear in my ETH wallet

Hello man :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: you have to write more specifically.
Send BUSD from Metamask BSC to Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet
Exodus or some web wallet?

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I send from my wallet metamsk smart Chain to my ethereum network

You have already solved the problem?

No i said what i did … i send from smart chain to ethereum network so the BUSD that i send i could found it in my Ethereum wallet

I don’t understand a little :grin: you send BUSD from smart chain Metamask
to Metamask Ethereum mainet address :smiley: yes?

Try the page Binance Bridge: binanceDOTorg/en/bridge