Why MetaMask does not inject a object like ‘metamask’ ?! like other web3 wallets to easily select MetaMask in our DApp?


I faced a problem with MetaMask, when i call window.ethereum randomly chooses a web3 wallet among others execpt MetaMask! all web3 wallets like coinbase, trustwallet, … they inject a specific object to interact wih them for instance, coinbase wallet injects coinbaseWalletExtention object and trustwallet injects trustwallet object to seperatly interact with them without having any trouble.

Screenshot 2023-07-17 205124

why MetaMask does not inject a object like ‘MetaMask’ ???!! how can i only select MetaMask wallet among other wallets ?

When MetaMask wallet will inject a specific object to the browser to only interact with it with ease ?


The issue with multiple wallets using window.ethereum is known by the team and they are working on a solution.

As for now, a solution is to disable any other wallet extensions you may have.

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I hope team will soon solve this problem with adding ‘MetaMask’ object or something like that but your temporary solution is not feasible becuz users dont only use MetaMask ! thx

When this problem will be solved ??? I think it is not complex .

Hello @pooria !

You should use MetaMask/detect-provider or MetaMask/sdk to define the MetaMask provider

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All of them use window.ethereum as provider and we will face the problem with multiple wallets ! did you read my description ?!

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