Wrong address in metamask wallet


I bought VEN on Bittrex and I wanted to transfer these VEN to Metamask.

But I realised when I copied my VEN address from Metamask that it was not a VEN address but an ETH address. And this is the same for others crypto in my metamask wallet. If I click on “receive”, no matter the crypto I always get my ETH address. How is it possible ?

I didn’t paid attention the first time and used my ETH address for transfering the VEN and I think now I lost everything…

Why when I’m on VEN crypto and I click on “receive” I see my ETH address ?
Please take a look the the printscreen below

Hello, Loïc Sciampagna don’t use Metamask to VEN deposit

but not worry :smiley: you have ETH private key

Yours VEN is here :point_down:

How find VET? read this :point_down:

Wow, thank you Luigi! I’m rassured.

So there is no way to transfer my VEN to Metamask ? I have to store them in another wallet?

better use Comet wallet hehe :smile:

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Ok it seems to be ok now

It’s too bad that I can’t put them to metamask, I wanted an universal wallet to have a global vision on all my differents holdings. Nevermin.

Thank you for your time Luigi, this ticket can be closed!

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