Wrong Transfer Binance to MetaMask Public ID

I had a problem when transferring my ETH in Binance to MetaMask because when click the “Copy to Clipboard” and paste in anywhere it shows / paste a different MetaMask public ID.

How can I recover my ETH? Need help! Anyone please!

Edit : I already sent message to MetaMask support 3 times along with the Video and transaction history but they doesn’t seem to fix my problem because they already have my Money/ETH.

I have the same problem with yours. And still stress how to get my eth back. And seems they doesn’t care. :frowning:

I’m going to go legal if they don’t fix this problem.

I lost a lot if they don’t help me to recover it.

Just filed a report to Hong Kong Authorities and will continue to file this kind of report until they return my Money!

(Attachment RPTEFMCBR_1626308669082.pdf is missing)

What happened to yours? I recovered mine yesterday.

Message me in FB. Dañalie Casiano Viaje.

Really? How did they do it? I wish I can still recover mine. If not I can’t control my group and do the worst thing possible. We’ve started reporting to authorities already.

Please check your FB message… I’ve sent a message to you.