2 pending transactions, how to add money for gas fees to MM


I am using Metamask for the first time. I made a transferred from my Ronin account (ETH to ETH) to metamask and I cant confirm the transaction in MM. The transaction is stuck and I can see it in Ronin as pending… I think its because I dont have any money in my MM account for gas fees after some googling. Ok, I thought. Pushed the Buy button in MM, chose card payment and transferred 150 EUR. I have not received the transaction after 30min, and looking in the etherscaner it has two rows for this transaction and I think this transaction is also pending because I dont have enough for gas fees…

How the heck do I add some money to an account that requires there to be money to receive it? Or in a nicer way :smiley: How do I add some money the first time to my MM account to pay for gas fees when my account is at 0 ETH?

Big thanks for any help or suggestions :slight_smile:


God morning,

There has been no change from yesterday.

There is no panic :smiley: Just a frustrating first experience.

Like Vick is saying I dont have money in both accounts (I have paid the fees on Ronin and on my card transaction). Its a bran new MM account. My question is still the same. How do I put money in when the account is empty and I have to pay for gas fees to put money in. This makes no sence.

I solved it.

For anyone that gets here. I restarted my computer (its mining BTC so I usually dont restart it :smiley: ).
Then the ETH was showing orange. After googling I found this page.

Right clicked the MetaMask icon in Chrome, and after changing “this can read site data” to “On all sites” I saw my card payment. With the “On all sites” I can now also confirm my Ronin transaction :slight_smile: Yay

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my dear friend thank you for answeing :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: