Status = Success, No funds in my Metamask

Hi guys @nakedwinnie

On January 25 I placed an order for $500 ETH off of moon pay, ( the company opensea recommends to use) On Etherscan it says The status says its successful and it went though, but no funds on my Metamask. Ive used Moon pay before and had no issues and I even used it yesterday again to deposit $200 and it worked perfectly fine. Ive tried refreshing my funds, Switching the server , Redownloading chrome, Re installing Metamask, Siging in and out of metamask and still nothing. Can someone please help me recover my funds?

This is my transaction hash -


From this wallet- 0xd108fd0e8c8e71552a167e7a44ff1d345d233ba6

Timestamp: 2 days 1 hr ago (Jan-25-2022 07:59:42 PM +UTC)| Confirmed within 26 mins:29 secs

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It looks like the transaction was successful and ETH was sent to your wallet address :point_down:

There have been several transactions of ETH out of your wallet, which may be the cause of some confusion. In the case that your wallet balance shows 0, here is an article on our Knowledge Base that may help you:

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Ive already tried that and it didn’t work.

Are you having the issue of an orange display and ETH balance showing 0?

If not, as mentioned before there have been several transactions of ETH out of your wallet afterward, which may be the cause of some confusion.

I had the same thing happen to me last night but when I looked at the transactions, I think I found something. I sold an NFT and then the eth was sent to an address I don’t know. i copied it and then it showed up in a smart contract that i minted. This nft was a rug and now looks like a total scam/hack to get access to my account. Please help. This is the contract and address it went to.

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No, no orange display and no zeros. Ive had funds in my account. And there no transaction history of $500 leaving my wallet

Hey @blindmonkeys, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Please refer to this post here:

@jes_tech, you can see there have been several transactions of ETH out of your wallet since your transfer.

yeah but not $500 worth im so confused

If you add up the Ether amount, it does add up to 0.04 + 0.042 + 0.09 + 0.0057 = 0.1777 Ether. This is not including gas fees, with gas fees the total amount of all outgoing transactions is near the same amount of Ether transferred in of 0.1944 Ether.

I have the same problem…wanted to purchase an nft on opensea and used moonpay, request was confiemdd but no funds in my metamask

Hi, my account was hacked by this account owner [0xb044e8058075d4333f4b60049fc295e40299e9b3] and he just steel 259 Bcoins and more 82 that i had on the vault, so i kindly ask to an admnistrator to help me and try to recover my coins, or try to contact someone to block this guy that is stealing all of us, he add on he´ s account arround 7500 dollars, can someone help me from you guys ( ADMNISTRATORS ) TO TRY TO RECOVER MY bCOINS ???
My account number is 0xD980C37B8f023c8A63CDbB8339049963aB39cD00 and you can check by yourselfs.
thanks Antonio Ribeiro

Hey @anrib, sorry to hear this has happened.

Please refer to this post here: