Hello good day may I ask your help, I send eth to my metamask from coins.ph last night,,but still my metamask doesn't receive the eth I've sent

Hello good day may I ask your help, I send eth to my metamask from coins.ph last night,but still my metamask doesn’t receive the eth I’ve sent

I also encountered this problem, I sent eth from huobipro to my metamask, Etherscan have shown a successful deal, but my metamask still have no eth

Is your transaction already completed? Please let me know

Transaction has been completed![

Will u please help me? I still didnt received mine. How many days should i need to wait or hours.

It says success but I still didnt got it.

Sunrise? Is ur transaction already completed. Im also a filipino. Please help me

yes it’s already completed now…thank you for asking

Yes, it’s already completed… Thank you for asking

Hi same with me i transferred yesterday until now the token not shown. I contacted the support team of coins.ph its already successful. Metamask no action.

Hello Po… nabawi mo na po ba ung nawala sa nyo po?

Same here, I’m new in metamask I really am. I just send ETH in my metamask wallet and I wait and wait… but nothing happened in my metamask wallet still zero ETH so I decided to go check my wallet in etherscan then OMG my ETH was stolen it say it transfer to
another wallet. but my transaction has already completed, but nothing shows in my MetaMask Wallet 0x7044Cf95afb7092097b62E6A03aD79fd24a48675 this is my MetaMask Wallet and this is the one who pulled out my ETH 0xC16DD3B131479190F70700dc596528dE9775cB83 U can Check in etherscan the history… I’m telling the truth. Can someone or Anybody from metamask help and explain whats wrong with this? U can also check and review the comments in etherscan of this acount 0xC16DD3B131479190F70700dc596528dE9775cB83 all the same comment, all comment says that the tokens where transferred to that said account… Hope You Can HELP Us… SOS plssss…