Transaction Successful but Still 0 ETH balance. Whats Next

Hello All. I Been trying to buy ETH on Metamask for a month now buy still no success. The last pruchase was $150 on 3/25. All of the addon fees went thru without a hitch. Never recieved the ETH in my MetaMAsk account yet. Purchased on directly thru Metamask and WYRE. Etherscan show transaction completed successfully. Been trying to reach support for almost a month. still nothing. Have looked for reference videos on Youtube. All videos show a very simple process. they buy, and it shows up in metamask automatically. Am i missing something? Is there a step that i need to do to show ETH in Metamask?
/since we are talking about real $$, This is very surprising that there is no one to contact. Any help anyone can offer up would be deeply appreciated. thanks

Hi lowell202 Etherscan show transaction completed successfully :upside_down_face: and transaction shows your metamask ETH address?
Switch networks up top by clicking on “Main Ethereum Network”, selecting the Ropsten Test Network, and then switching back again.

hey thanks for help. Yes the transaction shows my meta mask address. I did change networks and something did happen. Now i am able to see the history/activity which was not there preivously. Still no changes in ETH balance though. i think i need to do something for it to update to relfect my meta account. Is this normal?

Sorry I have no further idea :upside_down_face: test metamask in another browser. Brave, Firefox…

and after reinstall old metamask extension

Ill try that and keep looking for someone that could help me figure this out. Thanks anyway.

Hey just an update. I did try logging in from another browser and it worked! not sure why its working there but not in the other. At any rate… many thanks my friend. now I can get back to work!

Best regards!

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