Just bought ETH But Still Nothing in Metamask

Been trying to buy ETH on Metamask for a month now buy still no success. The last pruchase was $150 on 3/25. All of the addon fees went thru without a hitch. Never recieved the ETH in my MetaMAsk account yet. Purchased on directly thru Metamask and WYRE. Etherscan show transaction completed successfully. Been trying to reach support for almost a month. still nothing. Have looked for reference videos on Youtube. All videos show a very simple process. they buy, and it shows up in metamask automatically. Am i missing something? Is there a step that i need to do to show ETH in Metamask?
/since we are talking about real $$, This is very surprising that there is no one to contact. Any help anyone can offer up would be deeply appreciated. thanks

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @lowell202!! :fox_face: :rocket:

I am very sorry for the trouble with your ETH purchase. Since your purchase was made via Wyre, contact Wyre customer support for assistance in retrieving your purchased tokens.