Purchase Failed

Tried to purchase $100 USD of ETH using both Apple Pay and Debit with no luck. Called my bank to see if they were blocking it and they are not. Also unable to transfer crypto from another wallet. I just joined yesterday. Could transfer currency then but not now. Please help.

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Hey, @Bjoy, Welcome to the Metamask community.
For purchasing ETH, please refer to this article for support.

For the difficulties with transferring crypto, Without disclosing sensitive account info, can you share any error messages you’re seeing?

Thank you, Karen, for the quick response. I already read this article. There are no restrictions on where I am living for using either payment option. As I am having the same issue with both, I feel the problem is with Metamask. Every time the payment successfully goes through wyre. It is when it is only after it comes back to Metamask for processing does it fail. This is when I get the message “Purchase of ETH has failed! Please try again, sorry for the inconvenience! Tap to view this transaction.” The problem is in the App. Your help is much appreciated.

I do understand you see the error message on the Metamask app.
Wyre is our partner, they perform the transactions, and we display the result on the Metamask wallet. For this kind of issue, we do ask our users to reach out to Wyre for support as they will be the ones that can provide better insights on this.

I sent a help request for Wyre. But it is happening with both Wyre & Transak. So, therefore, can you please help and look into what could possibly be going on within the App?

I am having the same issue and I know it’s not the bank as I have checked with them.

Having the same exact issue for 5 months no one at metamask helped me lol.