Can’t purchase ETH

I have tried using multiple credit/debit cards (both Visa and MC) and they do not work. I have called my bank and they say there is no problem from their end. Has anyone encountered this issue or have any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

I had problems and then found out that my region, Wyre will not allow you to purchase ETH in NYC.
I dont know if that;s yr problem, but you might research & check to see
If so try using Coinbase or Gemini or Apple Pay as your exchange then send to Metamask.
BeAware also that Metamask has a problem w/recieving ETH, so test it first w/a very small amount


Which platform are you using (Extension / Mobile)? More purchasing options are currently available on the mobile app.

Additionally, if you’re willing to sharing, what country are you based in? If in the USA, which state?

Hi Jacob

Thanks for your response. I have attempted to deposit using my iPhone and Chrome extension. The errors are slightly different in wording but both fail after entering credit card details and clicking confirm. I’m doing this out of Australia, which is an accepted country. My bank insists there Jen no issue with them. When I’ve contacted Wyre support, I get an auto response saying trying again next week.

Possibly try with Transak. It is an aggregator of many different fiat-to-crypto onramps. Wyre is a single crypto onramp they aggregate, but there are many others as well. They also officially support Australia.

Hi! I need help as well. I’m getting the error message when I Try to Apple Pay that states, “were: address.street1 must not be empty” any thoughts? I haven’t heard from anyone I’ve emailed both parties a bit ago

Same deal with Transak. Error says my bank has declined the transaction however my bank has no record of it at all. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong as I’ve tried all of the obvious possibilities. Thanks for your help.

Did you complete the KYC information required when making a purchase? Confirm that your address is entered correctly.

Sorry to hear you’re continuing to have trouble with your purchase. I suggest reaching out to Wyre or Transak support for further assistance.

What do you mean by KYC exactly. All my address info and card is filled out correctly. I’ve tried different debit and also my bank directly. I’ve changed the address to different ones as well. nothing goes through.

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KYC stands for “know your customer.” US based financial companies are required to collect information from their customers when conducting business with them.

If you’re still receiving this error, I recommend reaching out to Wyre or Transak for further assistance.