Failed transaction, but seems ETH is on account

Hi, I’m new to Metamask, but succesfully transfered BNB to the wallet. Also tried to buy ETH with my Binance creditcard, but getting an error every time I try. But when I connect to the browser extension it says there is ETH on the account, just like the transaction went trough. When I look at the transaction tab no transaction is made. Also no transaction on the Ether scan: Address 0x5669265dd408b4335770dcb83f66ecf6d7cb22c8 | Etherscan

What is going on or what can I do?

Also, I downloaded the mobile app and trying to synch to the extension, but getting a time out ever time.

At the moment no money should be in the wallet. Should I delete it and make a new one?

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @feem!! :fox_face: :rocket:

Apologies for the trouble with your transaction. For your privacy & security, I’ve created a support ticket for you so we can assist you further. Please reply to the automated email with a screenshot of your wallet where you’re seeing the incorrect balance as well as your public address.

Thank you!