I have transferred money but somehow I can't access them

first I want to say sorry about my stupid question, but I have transferred money from my Binance wallet to my MetaMask wallet. The transaction is successful but the ETH Balance is still 0.00. However at the bottom of the wallet there is a row that says: Receive and next to it is the amount of the ETH I have transferred.
This seems very confusing and that’s why I am writing here for some help.

Unfortunately I can’t upload an image for better understanding of the issue.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

@dpART Welcome to the MetaMask community. No stupid questions here.
Could things you can help to check.
Was the transaction on Binance Smart chain network or Eth Mainnet?
If on Binance Smart Chain, were you able to add eth as a custom token to MetaMask using the correct token contract address from bscscan.com ?

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Thank you. The transaction was on ETH Mainnet. As I am unable to upload images on here because I am a new user, nor I can send a link… I have uploaded this image on imgbb and here is the link for better clarification: https ://ibb.co/VCtknHZ (please keep in mind that I have left space between the https and the :// )

What is confusing for me in this case is that the money as you can see are staying at the bottom and I can’t do anything in order to get them to my wallet.


Thank you for sharing that.
Let’s give the steps in the below articles a try?


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Thank you so much! I’ve tried all the steps and in the end I’ve decided to reinstall it and this actually fixed the issue. I can see the correct ETH balance now. Thanks again Isq :slight_smile: