I See my ETH transaction, but my balance is 0

hello all -
first time metamask user here (sorry in advance. LOL)
I transferred some ETH from Binance. I did select to transfer using ERC20 fees, not Binance Smart Chain. I can see the transaction in my activity, but the balance still says 0. I have tried switching to Roptsen Test Network and back - didn’t work. Tried shutting down my browser (even computer) - didn’t work. I have tried clicking on the little arrow that looks like a download button and it gives me the details of the transaction, but still my balance is 0. How do I receive these tokens into my wallet?!?!?!
Thank you in advance!!!

Test metamask on another browser: Brave,Firefox… if your seed correct must show ETH.


YAY! THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate your help, Luigi!!! I knew I should have downloaded brave and was just too excited - I’ll delete from G Chrome now :slight_smile:

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hehe Brave + Metamask show your ETH :smiley: :+1: