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The beauty of Ethereum is the endless possibilities in building upon the technology & creating new tokens, but it can also cause some confusion. Need help with your transaction? Ask here!


I cannot see my tokens wmbx tokens in my meta wallet but i see them in ethersacan. and can i send coins from one meta wallet to another?


I cannot see my ETH on the balance even though the transaction was successful within 2 minutes from Kraken exchange. On Metamask it shows on the transaction history but still displays 0 ETH.

Any advice?


I’m having the same issue with my WTC token. Moved from KuCoin to MetaMask, transaction showing on Etherscan, but MetaMask wallet has zero balance.

Anyone have advice on this? Seems to be a common issue in this community.


I have the same problem

can anyone help me please?. my emax is shown on my etherscan but gone from my metamask wallet and its showing a Zero Emax balance there.

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Please add emax as a custom token to Metamask’s token list. https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015489031-How-to-view-see-your-tokens-custom-tokens-in-Metamask

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There is a week that I can not complete a transaction , what is happening ?

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im having the same issue

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! That was easy . Ur the best!!! :star_struck: :star_struck:

Hi Metamask Team,

I would like to seek your assistance regarding my recent transaction from Ronin to Metamask, i was supposedly to received an ETH from ronin but due to insufficient funds on my metamask I have no choice but to reject it on metamask. However, upon checking on ronin, it was already successfull and the remaining ETH on my ronin has been gone already. Please help me on this on elighten me.

Same problem as me. If you have fix it please share solution

Hello i lost my 0.0600BNB transaction is field for gas fee my transaction always field why

If the transaction is field why you cut the gas fee in my BNB wallet the transaction is field plss give back my 0.0600BNB

Hi bharmon

Can you please assist to find out why IOI token sent to my Metamask wallet showing zero balance.
the transaction was successfully sent to my wallet from Kucoin since yesterday morning.
Appreciate, thanks

Hi, I need Help Please.
I can’t transfer even between metamask wallets, even though I have enough funds to pay for gas.
Already researched about the error and did the steps that were informed but the error remains.
1-I reset my Metamask
2- I’ve already changed my browser.
3- I have already increased the transaction’s GAS rate.
PLEASE HELP ME… I need my founds.

Here’s an error message after confirmation in Metamask:
“Transaction < your transaction # here > failed! Error: [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC ‘{“value”: {“code”:-32000,“message”:“transaction underpriced”}}’”

Please Help me !!!

Hi, I am trying to move my ETH from bitbns wallet to Metamask to buy some axies. However, I see two options there, one is ERC20 and the other one is MATIC20. The withdrawal fee is drastically low if MATIC20 is chosen as the address type. Can you please enlighten me if that option can be used to transfer the ETH between these two wallets?

I everyone! I have some tokens (Quick) in my Mainnet account and need to transfer them into my Matic account, which I’ve just set up in MetaMask (via Quickswap). How can I do this?

Hi guys! I just withdraw KCCPAD token from kccpad io but I can’t see it in my wallett.
Have you some ideas?

Bonjour J’ai fait deux dépôts de la BNB sur mon compte et je METAMASK est j’ai rien reçu il y a 25 jours j’ai contacter le support 10 fois pas de réponses , vérifiez mes dépôts, voici le test des transaction