Stolen funds doing swap, metamask is doing nothing about it


How many have been robed by metamask and their sub companys

I am really angry about the lack of, taken responsibility from metamask.
Opened a support case 2 days ago, because doing a swap from ETH to ADAbear for 1300 dollars, someting whent wrong and I received 4 dollars worth of ADAbear, so i payed 1300 for 4 dollars.

METAMASK just closed my cry for help without writing back, isted of helping me get my money back like any normal non faudulent company will.

MY MetaMask Ticket #283605 [Closed]


Yes here you go.
Can´´´´´t link in this forum, but you should be able to look it up here ethplorer io

yeah similar issue here. I sent money through HSC to meta with $600 worth of ETH and meta account never received it. HOO has amazing customer support and have shown the transaction has left successfully, meta i havent heard anything. its been about 18 hours now.

0x0521eb6447718d72d47c32841a716acc3454d9cd6141ee357a4095073a782de6 is the transaction number which does me no good outside of hsc.

Hi Seyonvu are you with the support?

MY MetaMask Ticket #283605
and the email is tglmail (at) gmail com

3 days now I have tried to get Metamask to reply, nothing. they just close the case.

Toke 5 minutes for Uniswap to reply, what a differance.

Still waiting for my money back from Metamask, I opened a new support case with them.

Thinking about resetting me wallet, maybe it will return my money.


No activity was shown for this specific transaction which was for .17 eth

I tried to send screen shot, apparently i cant being a new user.

I used HSC. the transaction is found on HOOscan when i put my Meta address in but i cant access it.

“Looks like the swap went through , can you provide your Ticket number and the mail you contacted support with please.”

Added my tricket and mail, if my swap went through, were is my money when ?

If you check on etherscan and click the bold lower case “b” Hooscan will come up and it shows the transaction was sent. although metamask has no activity from it. sorry for over explanation im still a little new at this.

OK i FOUND IT! i had to create a custom HOO smart chain under custom RPC and i had to add the ETH token by putting contract number in and it came up. although, getting it to my normal meta mask to where it is usable is another story. trying now.

No help to me again, so sad

I spammed them like 10 times with help requests.
nothing. metamask sux so bad. scam artists.


This is the community channel. Have you tried the support channel and opened a ticket?

Personally, I would write the issue clearly in a text doc, then copy paste it to all MetaMask channels.

I,too, have had nonsensical losses.

What must be stated is that the “as an investment, you could lose all your money” doesn’t apply here.

That’s insulting to state as such.

MetaMask lost the crypto before it could EVEN BE INVESTED.


My issue: My gas ran out, my transaction was labeled dropped and replaced. I bumped my gas up to the highest available as set by MetaMask UI–but dropped and replaced…MORE LIKE dropped and ripped off–because 3 failed, 3 took all the gas, the txn did not occur.

I received no feedback.

MetaMask on dropped and replaced: contact the txn creator…lol…sure thing MetaMask.

Now, MM what exactly is the call function in Solidity for “Hey YOU drop and replacers, QUIT dropping and replacing my txns?”

Legitimately salty

i think i got scammed too, from this youtube video teaching people how to send your etherium mainet to binance chain. I did everything he said and i think he led us to a fake website and sent my money to his account 0x9ceB00FA5bC234264f9FE7f2b15EDF671be8e860 . I have all the evidence plss metamask do something about this. That is a 500 dollar worth of ethereum!!! .

I was wondering if someone can help me I sent coins from my metamask wallet to my pancake swap and the funds show it exiting my wallet but never showing up where they were suppose to go. In another words they were taken from my account but never received to the address I sent them to.

I too have had funds stolen… on Sunday 15-Aug, the hackers were able to get into my wallet and drain it, I lost 1000’s of pounds.

I have a police crime reference number PLEASE report your case at actionfraud UK website, crime ref number is: NFRC210804693717… these cases NEED to be reported in order for the law enforcements to take actio…NEED yours and everyone’s else’s help.

In my case I believe the security breach occurred at MetaMask, I have followed the trail of transactions & receiver wallets and the first transaction starts here… and I believe this happened by using their in app ‘import wallet’ function which requires seed phrases… now I need the police to investigate my findings, I also NEED MetaMask to step up and help with the investigation but I can’t get responses.

The cases we report on that crime reference number the better… let’s hold them accountable

is it because there’s not enough liqidutiy in the swap pool but metamask proceed with it anyway, my friend experience was that he wanted swapped 0.3 AnyEth (bridge version of eth) to bnb in bsc chain, there’s not much liqiudity , but metamask proceed to swap and he’s left with 3 dollar worth of bnb.
not sure why metamask continue to swap even when price impact is high

Pretty sure metamask platform itself is compromised, had my wallet for months, imported it to metamask, 3 hrs later it was empty. And I was completely off line when it happened

Jesus, this thread is so ill-informed i registered for the site just to respond to it.

In your very first post you said that you exchanged you eth for ADAbear, WHICH IS NOT A VALID CONTRACT FOR ADA
You got scammed by someone who posted a contract for something worthless.

This isn’t the fault of meta mask. They aren’t hacked or compromised.

You just don’t know what you’re doing and someone scammed you. I’m sorry, and i feel for you, but ours important that you, and everyone who reads this, understands that SO IT DOESN’T HAPPEN TO ANY OF YOU AGAIN!
Please, please learn from this mistake so you don’t repeat it, and don’t blow it off as MM being hacked or whatever, because then it will just keep happening to you. Please learn a bit more about what happened and you’ll know better next time

I was where you are just a month ago. I understand. But i didn’t make the trade, i stopped and read up about it and realized what was going on before any mistakes wee made. But it was a close call.

I’m sorry this happened to you, i really am. But please study this until you see and understand exactly what happened.

Best of luck to you. I’m really sorry you are going through this

Same here, I’m new in metamask I really am. I just send ETH in my metamask wallet and I wait and wait… but nothing happened in my metamask wallet still zero ETH so I decided to go check my wallet in etherscan then OMG my ETH was stolen it say it transfer to
another wallet. but my transaction has already completed, but nothing shows in my MetaMask Wallet 0x7044Cf95afb7092097b62E6A03aD79fd24a48675 this is my MetaMask Wallet and this is the one who pulled out my ETH 0xC16DD3B131479190F70700dc596528dE9775cB83 U can Check in etherscan the history… I’m telling the truth. Can someone or Anybody from metamask help and explain whats wrong with this? U can also check and review the comments in etherscan of this acount 0xC16DD3B131479190F70700dc596528dE9775cB83 all the same comment, all comment says that the tokens where transferred to that said account… Thank you Very Much… Hope You Can HELP Us… SOS plssss…