I was hacked last night

My account was hacked last night! I never shared my info with anyone. Never! 3000 worth of crypro is gone. I want it back. How the hell can this happen?


What can I do? Metamask says they will get back to me in up to 7 days wtf…

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The same happened with me today

the account that stole my eth had 1.5 eth now have more than 7 eth (in a interval of 3 hoours)

What can we do about this?

Sorry this happened to you man.

Toi cũng bị mất mã thông báo như bạn , tôi muón

Nop. All gone.

That’s the address that stole my funds


Make sure I never use metamask again and make a big effort to let everyone know you mean

I lost everything

And yes metamask was hacked

Yesterday that address have jumped from 3000usd to 23 usd in 4 hours

Today have over 30.000 usd

Metamask does nothing and the address it is making a lot of money

Metamask it is a joke!!!

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I didn’t give my details to anyone. No way it was my fault

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Same happend to me in a matter of hours. I sent 0.65eth to my wallet 9h ago. 3h ago etherscan tells me all was sent to another adres. This while my metamask history doesn’t display any sending transaction.
When I created my metamask wallet some 2 months ago I sent like a 30usd amount to the wallet and never really checked on it again. Turns out the exact same thing happend to those funds aswell without me even seeing it. what da hell.

i’ve been reading some posts here and i think Metamask wont refund on hacked accounts.

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I swap my kishu Inu to Etherium in Shibaswap and after I received my the swap on etherium in my wallet… these $200 disappeared, Please Help :frowning:

Same thing happened to me just now, I just sent money to my metamask and when i was about to send it to my ronin its already 0, what the fck it was so fast and did not eve leave a cent on my account, fcking metamask

Same thing with my account. 2 days ago when I was not at home and PC was turned off, someone sent 0,5 ETH to the 0xdB44c2aF09498D7B7a1f4c9aA15642d6Fb15E1EF
How could it happen without my concern?

They don’t. They apologize and suggest you call police.

They won’t. If they do let me know.

same happened to me today.

I was not logged in through my computer for the last week +
No one to speak at Metamask to stop it.
I have the address of the thief and can see the coins there but nothing to do.

olá tudo bom Minha conta foi hackeada ontem e extrairam todos os meus bnbs, so que as cripto que estavam na carteira e os que estão em farme continuam so que quando eu mando qualquer valor de bnb eles sacam na hora, pode me ajudar como eu entro em contato com a Metamask

Same here bro, I lost everything, my mistake was open the wallet from mozilla extension, from official webpage, I think the programmers are stolen the funds