Metamask Hacker Tracked and Found

I was hacked of 12 Eth from my Metamask wallet, I’ve tracked through a number of addresses and exchanges and my money is now receding back in a Metamask wallet. Latest transfer ID 0x1f2143c7e123d32108c83afbcfc88fff21e777476f14a903d87aedc8b8f52acd

I have all the evidence of the hack and the continuity of exchanging of wallets.

I have already lodged a case with the local authorities 1 week ago. As the person has only just moved these funds within the last 12 hrs through an exchange and now to a known wallet so they should be contacting soon.

Can you please confirm the wallet within the transaction code is a Metamask wallet and FREEZE this account.

Do Metamask ever read and reply to these??? Getting in touch with them seems to be impossible.

Me too.

This is the hacker ID ! 0x6a67ccaD7963406C49EF631Cc98cfE94118337e3

has this guy hit you as well?

Where did you get that ID from?

Metamask cannot block an adress to work, it would in some way mean that the process would be centralized by metamask … As it is uncentralized they cannot do anything.

I have asks at support en enhance metamask by putting a 2FA key to allow any transfer, this would block hackers that stole your seed phrase.

Also you can think of hardware wallet, i am not an expert on this but it seems it adds an other protection.

How do I get my money out of this persons account? Can Metamask go in ant take my funds?

This is 12 Eth that has been stolen.

I can prove this is mine, how can people not do anything about this?


This is the biggest problem of decentralized money, once stolen, you cannot do anything… Except go to police …
They certainly stole your private key.

if the hackers stole your seed phrase wouldn’t they just reconstitute the wallet with the seed phrase and change the 2FA login confirmation to anything they want?

Nop, because they would need the 2fa to change the 2fa… or the seed phrase of the 2fa which is indépendant from metamask

Hi Metamask Team, Same issue here, Kindly look on to this issue.

How can i get again my lost token as when i logged into Metamask Wallet , I noticed that all my tokens are gone. Below address are keep on getting tokens to many Metamask Wallet Holder. Please act on this immediately. May we know what action needs to be done as my tokens still in his address when i checked.

Hackers Address: 0x5d879d1781ACf7475D79F83680bD0ec237DD87E1

Logged two different tickets.



Hii, are you successful getting your ETH back? Can you tell me what is the process to get back the ETH, I also get hacked… Will be very appreciate.

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the transition hash of i getting hacked: 0x84061c71a0b2b3da289096a6dde48820aa182b490389e091b2f87f21171d9687

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hacked account: 0x7eedc81db35e1308c1a448d4f233c119976e964f.
someone please help me thanks…

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Hey @dekko, sorry to hear this has happened.

Please refer to this post here: