Funds lost from Metamask Wallet

Yesterday August 19, 95% of my tokens were gone from my Metamask Wallet, my public addres is: 0x1317f0598A74AafB424977818BA0452fC5372f51. I opened Etherscan and was able to confirm that my tokens were tranfered to the following address: 0x150c828fdc99792b448414e841633a152ffD92be.
Please help me to recover my tokens


Sorry to hear that.
The same thing happened to me when I was importing my trust wallet to Metamask on August 18.
I went to the wrong link; for some reason my first search result on “metamask” pop up with this link [MetaMask-desktop/gets-started] which is the unofficial link.
After I enter secret phrases and realize that the confirmation button is not working so I switch to a different browser and a different pop up for Metamask.
In about an hours later all my funds transfer to the following address:

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Sorry to hear that
Is the same address, If I find a solution, I will tell you, please do the same

Same case here. I lost $130 to the hacker. My Metamask wallet public address is 0x5A34CE024da9E672618d962ddFC1706F84724Aee. From etherscan, it was transferred to 0x74a76850e579587aa109368cbd7a3276263f0a12

Metamask developer, please help us to retrieve back our ETH.

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Theft is theft! Can’t the police go after these hackers?

I don’t think the police can do anything at this point because the cash transfer to the address went up to 150k cash in Binance and 500k in Ethereum within a month without account being freeze or hold.
Consider your token lost and move on.
The best thing you can do is report the address on bsscan or etherscan.

hello , hope anyone can help me, i tranfer my SLP from ronin to Metamask . through bridgeaxieinfinity. i viewed on etherscan and it was success. but i didnt recieve it in my metamask… thank you in advance. this is my second time i lost my slp same situation.

I am in a similar situation.
I got hacked. Ethereum went out of my wallet in an instant and the money is still in the hacker’s wallet.

my wallet

hacker wallet

Can the Metamask Help Center freeze the hacker’s wallet?
The number of victims is increasing in Korea. The police are on the move.
Please tell me how can I freeze the hacker wallet.

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mine too i got hacked… my ethereum wallet has transaction history that i did not do it…

Is there a way to search an account using the hub address? I had a different experience but same goes with the token being transferred to an address I’m not familiar. I just want to know.who took it

Hello @Maahari / @vp408 ,

I went through the same experience in June, I think I was somehow lucky as I was able to recover most of the stolen funds.

What you need to do (the fastest the better):

1 - Report to the IC3 if you are in the US (action fraud if you are based in the UK).

2 - Seek legal assistance. The best crypto solicitors out there are Silver Miller Law, Crypto Legal, and Roche Fredman, upon checking the options and the fees for their legal services, I chose Crypto Legal, they helped me through all the process and managed to recover a decent percentage of the stolen assets.

You can contact the solicitors in the following email: info@cryptolegal uk

3 - Whatever you do, NEVER, under no circumstance, hire one of those “crypto recovery companies” they are a total scam, they would only make you lose your time and your hard-earned money.

As always DYOR and act fast, time is vital in the matter.

PS: Metamask customer support sucks, so don’t expect anything from them.

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Can you give more insight on how this happened ? Did you guys go to an unknown website and tried opening your wallet ?

Same problem with me.

I didn’t share my secrets words with someone and I didn’t click in suspected link or connected my wallet in unknow site.

In my metamask wallet and pancakeswap there aren’t out transactions of my tokens.

I can see only in bscan the stolen transactions


Any help?

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Today August 27, 100% of my tokens pvu were gone from my Metamask Wallet, my public addres is: 0x89422b6915F94df7Da17BB2fdD2A22337971AC70. I opened Bscscan and was able to confirm that my tokens weren’t tranfered to anythinG wallet my last transaction was:


Which i bought 1.85 pvu and until the morning i had the token in my wallet.

Any help? Please.


I haven’t been in crypto very long. About 8 months. I’ve used several wallets and I have never had a problem until last week.

I used MetaMask two weeks agothe first transaction went fine on a swap. The second one was another swap and it got hung up. I could see that it was pending on the Etherscan. I tried to figure out what to do for three days with no feedback.

I finally asked someone and it was suggested that I give Telegram a try since the ido was being posted there. Well, the hackers have quite a system set up there.

I have all my information copied prior to that experience and screenshots of the entire 4 hours spent trying to resolve the issue while they took all my eth, and then deactivated my whole wallet. I have no access. They even tried to get to my Binance account.

The conversation continued later that evening after i let them all know how grateful I was for stealing all the profits I had made from the thousand dollars I recieved after my dad died from Covid. Truly thankful. Lost all profits and all that I had put on two ido’s. Then the entire wallet was gone. I know theyre hackers what I don’t understand is how they are so blatantly getting away with it, with MM logo and the whole nine yards.

I have never had even remotely this kind of problem and it makes me paranoid about using MM ever again. I’m pretty much screwed. I never over invested. I have been very conservative. I worked hard for that profit too. What ever. I’ll get off my soap box. But damn, I wish I had known where to get support before that all happened.

I set up my wallet and never saw anything with all of this information in it. Until it was too late and someone shared a link. I’ve also never seen so many people going through this in any other wallet. I won’t be setting up another one…if I can help it. Sorry for such a negative report. Yeah, I feel like an idiot, especially with all the content on Telegram. Has anyone else been there? It’s crazy There are warnings posted but then there are these people answering questions saying with the tag of MetaMask official. It took them four hours cause it was sketchy and I didn’t want to trust them but didn’t know i had another option so just Beware! Wish I had seen this before.

Thus ends my journey down the road of crypto. Ya’ll have fun now…

For me, the must difficult is that until now I have no ideia how I was stolen.

I didn’t install new apps in my mobile or asked for someone to help me with something.

My worry is if it is some metamask vulnerability and even I create a new wallet, the hackers will still be able to stolen me again.

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another possibility is a virus, or connecting to a public wifi

Do you know about the mobile app?
If it is estable and safe?

And if is there some alternative them metamask that is safer?

Ayer 21 de septiembre, el 100% de mis tokens PVU desaparecieron de mi Metamask Wallet, mi direcciĂłn pĂşblica es: 0xB65fd75F607e0641EFC2089f69A49d537682738e. AbrĂ­ Bscscan y pude confirmar que mis tokens no se transfirieron a ninguna billetera. Si mis BNB se los transfirieron a esta cuenta: 0x8f17f19364b6712c2b2b8241096c58e14f690a92

ÂżAlguna ayuda? Por favor.