Metamask Automatically Sent to other Address without action taken

I just sent eth to my metamask wallet via Binance.
Then i receive the eth, after a few seconds all my eth was gone.
And as i confirmed my wallet transaction it was sent to other address even i did not do any action.

Is there a way to recover my tokens?


are you installed metamask chrome extension ?

Can you share the etherscan transaction link for the transaction out of your wallet to the wallet your eth went to?

My wallet 0xfe0c00505d48c7cd92d0886e02eb5bf7e4710955
ETH transferred to 0x0945198dd98c78D88568004D775E33800CFE4BFa

two unauthorized transaction.

After install chrome extension few minutes, my ETH transferred out , then I transfer another eth to wallet, next day, it also transferred.
I am very careful , I don’t use clipboard to paste passpharse , I never share the passpharse , my PC have updated trendmicro antivirus , I dont understand what happen on metamask ,

what I did is I connect to wallet to opensea io and planning to buy NFTs.

Hey hkmtk209 - it wouldn’t be metamask authorizing the transactions but your computer could be comprised or you could have connected to a website that then compromised your account. I would suggest not using this wallet at all. Have you put in a ticket to zen desk? If not, I will at least confirm there is nothing that can be done on MM side. It doesn’t look like there can be as the transactions have cleared but I can at least try to get some type of confirmation help.
I’m really sorry this happened to you.

sorry what do you mean zen desk ? I have submitted ticket on metamask but no one update.

and what do you mean “It doesn’t look like there can be as the transactions have cleared” ?

the hacker keep stole token , the wallet is keep receiving moeny so nothing you/MM can do ?

Same thing occurred to me.
Can metamask pause transactions until user is logged in? I could have done something a while back, transaction was pending, then it triggered once i logged back in?

Omg me too i recently sending .59209 eth via binance then received immediately in metamask then withdraw to other wallet with out my notice pls help

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Going to metaMask extension > More > Connected sites reveals 1 site that has “read only” permissions.
How can we view this history? I have connected to more than one site before, i.e. uniswap, which now doesn’t appear…

The same account wiped my metamask wallet clean as well

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this is all my saving, I want to die

Has this been resolved? Same thing happened to me.

^^^ same thing, just registered ENS and the remaining amount was sent out

was sent to this address: 0x02B070fe391aD77341c37b288fb58Af95Dc22f61
different from above but same thing happened

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Same thing happened to me just yesterday. Another address triggered a transaction transferring my tokens to his address. Is this even possible???

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Same thing just happened to me too. I just deposit my ETH to BSC network on Metamask then a few minutes later my ETH was GONE! I tracked the transaction was trasnferred to this address [0xa492c1c7aebcef312d2c72a8a33037371ec963af]. Is it possible that our token/wallet was stolen even when we are not save/copy any phrase/password/or other confidential credentials??

Any update here about your issues? anyone solved this issue?

Please help guys anyone who knows

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ame here, I’m new in metamask I really am. I just send ETH in my metamask wallet and I wait and wait… but nothing happened in my metamask wallet still zero ETH so I decided to go check my wallet in etherscan then OMG my ETH was stolen it say it transfer to
another wallet. but my transaction has already completed, but nothing shows in my MetaMask Wallet 0x7044Cf95afb7092097b62E6A03aD79fd24a48675 this is my MetaMask Wallet and this is the one who pulled out my ETH 0xC16DD3B131479190F70700dc596528dE9775cB83 U can Check in etherscan the history… I’m telling the truth. Can someone or Anybody from metamask help and explain whats wrong with this? U can also check and review the comments in etherscan of this acount 0xC16DD3B131479190F70700dc596528dE9775cB83 all the same comment, all comment says that the tokens where transferred to that said account… Thank you Very Much… Hope You Can HELP Us… SOS plssss…


Same thing literally just happened to me. Transferred ETH from my coinex account to metamask and never received any notification or anything that I had received the ETH. Sat there staring at my metamask extension waiting… waiting more… My extension said it was received but read 0 Eth. Finally checked my etherscan an hour later and sure enough, an unauthorized transfer sent to an unknown address within a minute of when I had supposedly received the ETH. Fucking bullshit. spent all day, HOURS making NFTs and was about to mint them. The only connected sites are rarible and opensea. Metamask wtf??? Looks like this is a constant problem judging by all the people posting in here. Absolute horse shit


there is no solution bro, just create a new address