I Got Hacked Please Help

Please someone help me to recover my funds. my eth token was sent to 0x96e2100543edaca9b246161fc1f73b8c7fe1d565 and I didn’t authorize this transaction.

my metamask address is 0x6586f329854d482552b44aa606ce5a3d1a151a15
I also have a screenshot of the transaction and I emailed metamask about this no one responded to me, Please help!

I got the same problem it was send to the same adresse too 0x96e2100543EDacA9B246161FC1F73B8c7FE1D565 dont know what to do

Did you get any information from Metamask support regarding this? Cause I have the same experience too. Suddenly there was a transaction that transfer to this wallet address (0x96e2100543edaca9b246161fc1f73b8c7fe1d565) without my confirmation. I’ve sent an email to them and hoping they will do something about this.

Hi everyone. I’ve got the same issue. My ETH were sent without my confirmation to this address too - 0x96e2100543edaca9b246161fc1f73b8c7fe1d565.

I’ve also sent a request to MetaMask support about this issue. They haven’t responded yet.
It’s terrible.

здравствуйте, у меня все мои токены и весь eth были выведены на неизвестные адреса. вот адрес моего кошелька 0x76E73Cb6f5931375882Ea93382d8E405E491662b
я переводил токены матик из сети ethereum в сеть matic через poligon после чего все мои средства оказались на неизвестных адресах. меня больше интересуют токены matic их было 2314 и они оказались вот на этом адресе 0xa446c4ecbe1ef56dd72d2b1eff13bf731ac72606

Same Problem happened to me. my metamask sent to the same address like the others without my permission I got this twice already, please metamask support help us recover the lost amount and help us secure our accounts, i already reset my laptop and metamask password but still sent the same address without my permission, its like an auto bot or something, i withdraw my bnb in mi binance and a minute later it sends to that same address as my first

I got the same problem it was send BNB,Cake to the same adresse too
0x4486526e0647cA147a7C5F0Cdd3fD3fA93B5F15d . Please help!

any updates? i got same problem

I also have the same problem i withdraw my BNB to Meta Mask and it didn’t add on my assets yet all of my assets are gone went to 0 after few minutes. I actually check my transactions on BSCstation and I saw 3 transactions were made at the same time 3 minutes after my withdrawal in BNB to Meta Mask.
this are the address of the transaction that I didn’t
do -
second address sent to- 0xfb62AE373acA027177D1c18Ee0862817f9080d08
third address sent to - 0x01408311dc71ca5faa41f027c09c5d717705e973
the last one is my BNB. These transaction are made at the same time. i already contacted Meta Mask support and they haven’t responded yet all I received was the auto reply. Please send some help! PLEASE!

Good afternoon, yesterday from my metamask wallet address 0xB8746D5d81775B308fe0E757853275a0218B6418 in the bsc network were stolen Less token in the amount of 139700 and Newinu in the amount of 5000000000000 in the amount of $ 4000 and transferred to the address 0xda77733Afe1d6BCA3F121536 How could this happen? I did not give my secret phrases to anyone and no one except me has access to a laptop. 0x3cd20d132bfe48d76bc326248dbcc13c281def72f55c141b35435379500f9ba2 this is transaction withdrawal 139714 less token. 0xdaa9a522c3359053eb788e52bc72895ab922fd7b26afe085ea78665bce3a9553 is a Newinu withdrawal transaction. How could this happen?