Entire wallet transferred out to unknown address?

Hi I was just checking my eth balance on metamask and all of it got transferred to 0xcf86Ae600f959614d6d6c5E159D707D756A37D76 after checking on etherscan. I have now idea what happened, is there any way I can report this address and get my eth back?

these are the transaction details, thank you


Encountered the same. i lost my eth on my metamask wallet because of someone transfer my eth to other address after using binance bridge which I don’t know how it happened and all the transactions are successful. Please help me.

Same thing happened to me. All my BNBs are gone.

Aconteceu o mesmo comigo. Minhas moedas foram transferidas da minha carteira para outra sem que eu tenha realizado essa transação.

Same happend to me, but a few months ago

Hi. Did you get any sollution to this?

I lost tokens yesterday.
Suddenly it says it is 0 on the account.
I look and it says I have tranferred it?
I dont know to where or to who?
How to get this back?

How to get funds back?

I believe I did this same mistake yesterday as Metamask told me to setup my account on the computer to fill in request about limit. I only had it on my iphone before and did not want to set it up on the computer because of safety.

After that I lost all my tokens on the account.

I installed a Metamask extension from Google chromes shop and of course thought it was correct as it is in their store.

What should I do now?

I have removed all of the extensions in both Chrome and Edge

Should I change recovery phrase?

Is that possible?