Unapproved transaction

I am new to metamask and I recently transferred 1 ETH from Binance to Metamask on July 19, which was intentional and successful (in order to use ETH as gas fees for staking an ERC coin, which I successfully did as well). However this morning I checked and it says that I do not have ETH in my metamask wallet anymore. I am concerned I possibly got hacked. Is there a way to retrieve this ETH, report it to an authority?

Thanks for your time in reviewing this,

I noticed that my ETH from my metamask account was transferred to another account without my permission, which I was able to see on Etherscan. Since it’s been transferred out, is it too late to get it back now?

Hi. So I just reset my account via [Clicking account icon on the top-right corner of MetaMask, electing Settings, then selecting Advanced, then selecting the Reset Account].

how will i know if i can get my ETH token back?


Hey can you share your etherscan link to show a transaction? If it’s gone thru, there generally isn’t a way to recover.

Be careful, I would not contact anyone off this site, in discord or anywhere else.