I bought Ethereum through MetaMask and I can't see it now

So I bought 0.1… Ethereum and this is the transaction ID - 0x7516ed6f50086f4b065826be4f07abe8aaf21dcb873b52221c4ded69cfaf8771
and this is my wallet - 0x6ae7C35b118201eCA70679A5539B48fE5037F88A
And a screenshot of my wallet :

I tried to search it in different networks, but still can’t find it. My last transaction in Ethereum Mainnet - Activity says that I received 186.38$. And I didn’t change anything, just pressed “buy” Ethereum, filled my information and finalized the transaction. Can someone help me with this…?
P.S. I even found a receipt of the transaction… what happened…
This is the receipt :

Hello @Tron3, welcome to the MetaMask community,

Immediately after receiving ETH in your wallet, around 0.06 ETH was transferred out. Most possibly your wallet has been compromised.
Do NOT transfer any funds to this account and please refer to the following post and for further investigations report it to the support team.


Thank you for your answer, you may be right, but then where is the rest of the Eth and how to find it? If 0.06 was gone that means that I still have 0.04 Eth in this wallet, but it says that I have only 0.16$. If there is something left I want to take it back, but how to find it…?

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It has been my question too. After further investigations I noticed that the rest of ETH was paid as gas fee in the transaction to send the ETH out.


Oh, I saw that now… I guess this is some kind of bot because the money were out the same minute they were in my wallet. I’m speechless… Thank you very much Maryam1 for the help

You’re welcome.
Most possibly a sweeper bot has been attached to your account. The following posts are related.


Due to an issue the post was released 2 days after I wrote it on the forum. I have already responded in my previous posts. Hence, I removed the post.


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