Missing funds on wallet

I have transfered 0.01416 ETH from my ethermine account to my Metamask wallet, After that I went to work.

Just now when I opened my wallet I have noticed that my funds are missing from my wallet.

In the activity it says that I have recieved 0.01416 ETH ($47), but nowhere it says that my funds were sent to someone…

Please help me I really don’t want to lose my money, please help me!


Now on my wallet I have 0.0019 ETH ($7.17)

I have checked the activity and transactions on my MetaMask phone app.

I have recieved 0.01416 ETH on the 31 AUG at 7:05 am.

AUG 31 at 5:09 pm my ETH was sent to some unknown wallet address 0.00816 ETH ($30.84) was sent from my wallet. I was at work at that time, I haven’t gotten any notifications or emails.
But when I checked the activity and transactions on my MetaMask chrome addon I have not seen that transaction on my activity list. Only when I have opened MetaMask on my phone I saw that.

Bare in mind that no one has access to my wallet, only me.

0.00816 ETH Was sent to this wallet address : 0x57eaac931c21046c81e7a10e7f309e98559f06e7
Here’s the transaction hash : 0xac4b0037b83faea53c1f4a5e7e4b01d5366bed096a35b28bfd2a958295abbac5

The transaction was confirmed, this was not my mistake nor did I send it to that address, I really don’t know what to do at this point…