Did not received my ETH

Newbie here. Hello. I withdraw ETH from Binance to metamask.

but I did not receive it on my account even its showing success.

so I tried again with a smaller amount, and it was successful. then I notice that the contract address for the 2nd try(the account that I’m using now) is different from the 1st one(exactly the same account) which I just copy-pasted.

please help.


This is the address on my account now.

Hello Ron, I just did send a request to zendesk.

My wallet adress right now is

But on the transaction, its
0x34e52D1bC1B1Ca4430F8a2ad26CAb192350EA45a. Which I just copied.

Not sure how it changed. Probably ehen I rebooted my laptop, or open it on my desktop. But right now when I open my account, address is the one which starts in 0x52.