My adress was different on other laptop

Hello Yesterday have I whitdrawn my ETH to metamask wallet from different laptop.
And that adress was different as on my main computer.
I have done everything correctly and I dont know where my ETH is.
Can someone help me

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @dsadx1!! :fox_face: :rocket:

You can have multiple addresses/accounts associated with a single MetaMask wallet. Be sure you’re viewing the correct address on your wallet. You can toggle between them by selecting the circle icon in the top right corner.

Also, ensure that you’re viewing the correct network. You can toggle between the different networks by selecting the drop down between the fox icon and circle icon at the top of your MetaMask wallet window.

If you’re still unable to locate your tokens, please let us know and we’ll open a support ticket so we can assist you further.

I checked everything and I still have no ETH in my wallet.
this is my address on second laptop 0x9f9195a687720452EA532d139E739E20DdDA721e and there is no ETH i send from binance account.
Please help me more

and someone already send it to other adress… please help fast man

you have 8 BNB on this address Address 0x9f9195a687720452EA532d139E739E20DdDA721e | BscScan

and 0.228 ETH on this one is that right? Address 0x4b4e3c7f3fedef2c356e4d39062c758141b1d951 | Etherscan

No that’s not correct.
Someone already sent my ETH to another address. Because my address is different on my second laptop.
when I copied address in my second laptop that was the address 0x9f9195a687720452EA532d139E739E20DdDA721e
but here in my main laptop the address is 0x561cf40c1631fD593e2FdCddeefF4f654316fFBb
I don’t know why METAMASK changed my address in my second laptop.

For your privacy & security, and so we can assist you in investigating further, I’ve created a support ticket for you. We will follow up via email.

Hello David, 2 days ago, trying Binance app on my mobile I sent 0.00691462 Ether ($27.06) to your account: 0x9f9195a687720452EA532d139E739E20DdDA721e

I don’t know why… was my first transaction on Binance and I suppose that I’m transferring my Etherums from my Coinbase wallet to my Binance wallet… I copy the address from Binance mobile app but obviously I make it wrong, because the money was sent to tour wallet…


Can you check it and tell me something back?
If the money are arrived to you, can you send me back? Thanks.

Hello digiart… I have not got any money from you. You can check my address and you can’t see any recent transaction. sorry man you send it somewhere else

Ok dude,
I’m pretty new to all this and I don’t understand very much how it works… I just know that the money have been transferred to 0x9f9195a687720452EA532d139E739E20DdDA721e that which the same number as your wallet in the second laptop… Metamask have answered you about that address? You know why was associated to your second laptop? Thanks.

Hey dsadx1, I have the same problem as digiart74, as in I’ve sent ETH to your wallet at 0x9f9195a687720452EA532d139E739E20DdDA721e
transaction here
and I’ve been wondering if there’s a way to get it back? There seems to be a problem on Binance side, but I’d love to know if there’s a way to get it back, since I really need that money. Thanks a lot, and I hope your problem will be solved as well.