I did not receive my funds - URGENT

I sent my funds to this address shown on my metamask but funds did not arrive:


Did you sent 3527 USD from Binance to this wallet 0xc63394920064D18B9724a6A3268144BD31E8d009 and is it yours wallet ?

You money did arrive, but 1 minut later the same amount was sent to this address 0xF28bd47db582eD88cCb0e61D6aE2c6b82E6D858c

yes i sent to this wallet: 0xc63394920064D18B9724a6A3268144BD31E8d009

I didn’t send it to another address! I can’t recognize this:

Yes I can see that, and the money did arrive at that wallet. But 1 minute later, someone withdraw that amount and sent it to 0xF28bd47db582eD88cCb0e61D6aE2c6b82E6D858c

If you are sure that you have nothing to do with the transaction, it looks like your wallet has been hacked, then you should submit a ticket here https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us to our support team.

My advice is to stop using the account and talk to our support team using the link above.

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