Deposit not received

Hello. I sent bnb from binance to metamask, but I didn’t receive it in my wallet. the transfer was completed and everything is ok, like the other times checked on bscscan. what could have happened ?

Transaction Hash:


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Please check if you are on right Network. Generally when you open metamask wallet it is on ETH Network, in order to access your fund into Bnb network you have to switch the network to BSC.

yes you are on the right network

@Luigi pode me ajudar ?

@Matheuslandra check the transaction here :point_down:


This is not your metamask address :roll_eyes:
something changed your eth address…

Clipboard hacking:

If 0x8Db75B3F8d34Ca24C558Fb961e1Ff8447807CAE8 is your Metamask wallet then you got a lot of money and a lot of transaction.

You have most likely sent your money to a scammers address because of “Clipboard hacking”


Stop it, scammer !
Stop it, scammer !


My metamask


@Luigi my metamask 0x10645c766de85877f3e850d645d1eb10c2a56b73

Then you sent your money to a scammer and not your own wallet. It could be “Clipboard hacking” you have seen.

Try copy your Metamask address and paste it somewhere else and see if it is still your Metamask you have pasted.

I confirmed on binance, and the same code as my account. same code I always transfer

Then I don’t know. Maybe someone got your seed phrase

by bscacan the amount left my metamask account for this wallet 0x8db75b3f8d34ca24c558fb961e1ff8447807cae8

but I was following and the value did not even enter my metamask account. I still have actives on the metamask

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