I did not received my bnb from binance!

Hello, i withdraw a BNB from binance to sent on Metamask this day and I did not received them.
Could you help me please?

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Could you please send the transaction hash of the withdrawal?

Did you make sure you used BEP20 network on Binance for the withdrawal?

Did you add BSC network on Metamask? And change to the BSC network to see your BNB?

Remember Metamask by default is in Ethereum network (ERC20) so you won’t see BNB there.


i already talked to binance support and tells me that i chose BSC Network.

Did you add BSC network to Metamask?

yes sir. i already did. but i still cant find my transfer

Can you give your transaction hash to check?


please help me :frowning:

You transfer arrived, and it is in your wallet. You have 3.2BNB.

You cannot see them in metamask?

If not you might have not added the BSC network correctly.

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wait. i noticed everytime i click my metamask address in brave extention the address changes. wtf. its not my address in that screencapture

Mmmm, could it be you have a malware or virus? I have seen a lot of people have issues with copy paste command where the malware changes the copy address and pastes the hacker wallet address so people unsuspecting send their money to the hacker wallet instead of where they where supposed to send.

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im sure that i dont have malware or virus. but idk how it works. thats the last money i have. fck, im such a looser.

Do you know who that address is from? You must have copied it from somewhere? If you can see where you got that address and can pinpoint the person it belongs to, you might ask them to return it.

Just a thought.

It doesn’t look like a hacker wallet, usually those have lots of movements and they jump through various wallets before they cash out.

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i dont have any idea. my mind is fcked right now thinking were do i will get that money again. i just visited that site and someone got scammed again minutes ago. im really really fcked right now.

I’m really sorry that happened.

… And sorry I couldn’t help. :slightly_frowning_face:

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  1. I sent 2 currencies to my Metamsk address at 2 different times
    Unfortunately, I regret that Metamsk is so weak and slow
    5 months ago, I sent 1278 LUA units from Metamsk to Tomo chain, but after 5 months, out of 32,570,000 blocks, only 5,500,000 blocks were approved. With this account, do I have to wait another 27 months for this amount? Why?
    ۲. 2 days ago, from my binance wallet (trust) I transferred to my Metamsk address, i transfer BNB which I received the confirmation of the BINANCE (BSC) network, but it is so slow and weak that for this case, out of 9,260,000 blocks, only 57,000 blocks have been approved.
    Why? Will technology competition in this field keep such weaknesses and shortcomings of your customer and audience loyal? please help

Hi could you please help me as well i have the same scenario, i have sent bnb to my metamask but didn’t received it. Thanks

mmm, I am not sure what you are doing or if you understand, but a transfer is done in one block only, and will only take a few minutes, I send BNB on BSC everyday, and usually it will only take a few seconds for the transfer to go through.

Could you please send the Transaction Hash so I can look at your transaction and see what is really going on?

Can you help me too. This is my tx Hash in binance,
I also added the BSC network in my Metamask account.


that hash says it doesn’t exist, please make sure you are copying it correctly.