It's been almost 6 hours i havent recieved my bnb to metamask

Because of the gas fees, i cant make transactions in metamask. Thats why i added some money to be able to cover up those gas fee. I’ve been waiting for 6 hours now I haven’t recieved anything yet. I just check now the in bscscan website. It say success. I double check even all the addresses and nothing seems wrong with it. This is my 3rd time doing a transaction so i know the drill. But is 6 hours not receiving normal?

Your withdrawal address is 0xeC1c2aDEf483E19567D896FB58eF113946687bE6,txid is 0xd7af96fe50ae7e0424acdc89d36f0bafd8268b86b74449f89f40b24581cf4502

your BNB is in your wallet. Did you install BSC network on Metamask? Remember Metamask comes by default on Ethereum Network, so you must add BSC network to see the BNB.

Yes BSC network is already added before. I do have tokens in there. But now its almost 12 hours since the last transaction. There’s no changes in my bnb. I recheck my address used for recieving a few times maybe i copy the wrong one. I even put it in bep 20 just to be sure. But sadly i still haven’t received any

The transaction you did 6 hours ago was a transfer to yourself from the same wallet to your wallet :sweat_smile: . Your money is there, you just transferred your own money to yourself, so obviously there is no change in the amount:

Thats not what i meant 6 hours. If you’ll see the time that i posted this topic. It would be more than 10 hours from now. Yes I tried to transfer my money to myself just to be sure my address is correct. I recieved it but the other transaction is not yet recieved.

Originally i have a bnb with an amount of 0.068. And 17 hours have past i think, i added 0.06 worth of bnb. So you’ll add that up and it’ll be 0.12 bnb. But you see. Its still in 0.068.

The transaction hash you copied in the first message is the 0.06 that says 12 hours so if you had another 0.06 it is not showing on the transactions.

Do you have the other transaction hash??

Im not sure if i understand so before everything else. I do have 0.06 bnb. The hash that i copy paste is supposed the be the additional 0.06 bnb or the supposed transaction. which i should have recieved. I cant seem to upload photos because i just created this acc this day.


If i understand correctly you say that the BNB corresponding to hash 0xd7af96fe50ae7e0424acdc89d36f0bafd8268b86b74449f89f40b24581cf4502 are missing ?

But if we do operations of all the transfer on your account, the total amount 0.68396625 is OK.
Have you checked on binance if transfer have been ok in the history ? Nothing is missing on what i see. The only way is that the transfer never started?

No, you didn’t have 0.06 before. If you look at the picture I sent of transaction history, 5 days ago you put in 0.125 BNB, then 4 days ago you took it all out.
3 days ago you put in 0.213 BNB and then 1 hour later swapped 0.206 BNB, so you had about 0.006 BNB in your account. Then you added the transaction you shared, which was 0.062 and was left with the 0.068 BNB which you have now.

Maybe you thought you has 0.06 but was 0.006?? at least that is what it looks like from the history. Unless you have another transaction which is not shown here. I don’t see the problem.

Wait, i might be wrong somewhere. But let me check it anyways.

Im sorry i doubted you mate. I was the one who didn’t realize that i recieved nothing. I was too stupid to realize i didnt recieve any. Sorry for wasting some time but im really grateful you help me realize that i was wrong. Thanks and sorry mate.

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But im just confused of one thing. I dont see any history transaction in my wallet. Maybe because i panic thats why i didn’t see my money coming. Tho my other transaction have a history here. But not this one

No problem, we are here to help.

With respect to the incoming transactions, check in the Settings Security and Privacy, the Show incoming transactions to ON:

Usually the History will only show you transactions you have made with the wallet so it won’t show you incoming deposits.

May I ask what if encountered the same issue however, I withdraw BNB tokens and no tokens were transferred? Like my balance is 0 BNB Tokens on my Metamask. I reviewed the address from my Binance receipt and Metamask it is accurate. What should I do?

Please help too. I need it so bad. I cannot find my BNB tokens in my MetaMask.

Could you please share the transaction hash? So I can see what happened?

are you talking about the tXid?

Yes the transaction id

well here goes nothing