I not see my bnb after transaction from binance to metamask

PLEASE HELP ME, I don’t understand why I have not my bnb after transaction from binance. I have created smart chain network, but I have nothing. THANKS FOR HELP.

hi, don’t know. I have created a binance chain network. I send photo of that:

anyone who help me? PLeASE

@Aguix0 this transaction :point_up_2: sends BNB to the address: 0x67239B47442e9bC438f7cd91dd1F2783d6C17b4C

This is not your MetaMask :roll_eyes: ETH address

Scan your computer with Malwarebytes, ESET Internet Security…

WHAT? when I copy my address from metamask, it change. hw it possible?

@Aguix0 probably clipboard virus :neutral_face: changes your ETH address

OMG. But sorry, now I create a new wallet, I test with BSC testnet, and nothing arrived there. I change, wallet, browser. What U suggest me? At the end of this message I send a photo of it.

I don 't believe. I test copy with developer mode, and now copy the right address.
how do i recover lost tokens? almost a whole bnb, OMG!


Scan your computer with antivirus program :slightly_smiling_face: for sure

already done when I read the first message but found nothing. Do you thing that I need to call a police?


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I lost 400 euro. I very sad for this. I lost my money.

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Oh man :see_no_evil: where did you send it?

Here. I think the virus move to this address. I think to call the police for this address.

what do you think about it? do we have the opportunity to file a complaint against this person? Other people have had the same problem. see this:


YES i see it :roll_eyes: the police probably won’t help you.
You have to be careful when copy ETH address.

yeah. I already unbelieve. its possible is the extension was hacked?
however, I said thank you for the help, man.

Check your PC for Malware :slightly_smiling_face: ETH address must not change when you click Copy to clipboard and same address must be in the Account details: https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015488791-How-to-view-your-account-details-public-address

copy to clipboard

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Oh dear who will help us with hackers?