Transfer of bnb from binance to metamask

I sent bnb from binance to my MetaMask wallet. The balance doesn’t show in my MetaMask but the transaction was successfully completed. Please any help???


You added bsc network? Check transactions on site.


I’m not sure I added bsc network. How can I add it?

I have checked on bscscan. It shows successful but it doesn’t show on my metamask bnb balance.

BSC = Binance Smart Chain :point_down:


I have added the BSC but still the funds I sent hasn’t shown. I want to know if it’s lost …

Open your profile enter your ETH address in About me for a moment :slightly_smiling_face: I will check it.

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I have paste it there

Bad news :neutral_face: your BNB are gone. 0.1612735 BNB have been sent here :point_down:

How could that happen?

I really don’t know :no_mouth: maybe someone stole your MetaMask seed phrase… do not use this wallet again.

Wow, very amazing. Okay I have heard you.

Hey @Fvrstone2784, sorry to hear this has happened.

Please refer to this post here: