Missing BNB from Binance to Metamask (Smart Chain added)

Hey guys, I have added the Binance Smart Chain Network to Metamask and sent BNB form Binance to Metamask - it didn’t arrive.
Here’s the transaction hash:

I’ve read through all previous forum posts about the same issue, here’s all the things I checked:

  • my Metamask address is correct
  • I added the Binance Smart Chain Network correctly to Metamask
  • I sent the funds through the BSC network
  • As I’m from Germany, I believe I don’t need the Binance bridge?

On bscscan in the transaction history of my metamask wallet 0xF578d1f7215b2Cb3817FAb308A3B64C48774d650, the transaction looks unusual - there’l no link in the column “To”.


What network do you use BEP20 or ERC?

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Hi Ryan,
I used the BSC network according to the transaction history


I have a similar issue in that I swapped bnb for strikecoin through pancake swap. The transaction did go through and I have set up the smart chain but the coins are not showing in my metamask. Any helpers out there?

same here…even my ETH did NOT arrive…