Lost my AVAX and MATIC from my wallet...Can we have proper support from Metamask?

Hi there,

This is for WINNIE from Metamask.

You said to raise a support ticket and start a conversation. I have raised 3 tickets so far but no reply. Also, when I start online conversation, it’s with a BOT. This is not support. There are tons of people on this community who are losing tokens because of flaws in Metamask wallet security. Tokens should not disappear as soon as they are transferred to your Metamask wallet. I sent AVAX and then Matic. Both went into my metamask wallet and within minutes, went to this address.


Tx Hash:

All we get from you is raise a ticket and no answers. You can see from the community how many people are losing tokens this way. If you google it, you will see thousands of metamask users losing tokens this way. What are you doing about it?

Please reply and not just say Raise a Ticket. I’ve done that already 3 times. I want answers by talking to a real person online or on telephone.


Both my 10.12 AVAX and MATIC has gone to this address

My metamask wallet address:

From: 0x88ed0d0D0aFD1f60cC895b26D2D41D7e76a2a74B

Gone To: 0x123943f006C9462f4efB19939C68B5F8548f5cf1

Tx Hash:

No confirmation was made and no activity is shown in my wallet.
Please HELP.

Hey @artemiss, so sorry to hear about the wait.

Your ticket has been submitted to the support team and a support team member will be with you as soon as they can. Thank you for your patience!

What is going on with your wallet is most likely a sweeper attack, meaning that every time funds our sent to your wallet they are immediately transferred out. Please do NOT send any tokens to the compromised wallet address.


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