Lost Assets in Metamask wallet

I have an assets of VIS, PGX & MATIC and surprised when I open my MetaMask account after 5 days of my last log in, that all of them are gone. Please see attached image for reference.

Please do something to recover the mentioned assets! it is accumulated through hard efforts.

Note: For reference my MetaMask Wallet address: 0xF305ec353aF5494a1b4EF13F400a1597330A067A



Hi Angelina,

Have you looked at the blockchain explorers, like polygonscan(dot)com to see the transactions that have happened on the polygon network on your wallet to see what looks like you did vs ones you do not recognize?

When you paste in your wallet address, are there “out” transactions you don’t recognize?

Please read and follow steps of below if you think your wallet has been hacked -

If there have been any transactions in your wallet that you did NOT confirm, it may be that your wallet has been compromised.

If you believe this is the case, please submit a ticket to our support team at
https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and click Start a Conversation - look for the below icon.

Screenshot 2022-02-15 082305

A live chat box window will then automatically appear on your screen where you may contact the support team. At first you will be connected to a bot but keep going through the answers and you will get a live chat person.

It is best practice not to discuss a compromised wallet on the community forum. For your privacy and security, please continue all communication with us from there. The support team will be with you as soon as they can.

Here is also some more information on our Knowledge Base that may help you:


Hi on checking your provided wallet address, you have 5 Matic tokens available in HECO chain network, if they are the tokens you are searching for, if you want to access them change your network in Metamask wallet to Heco chain and access those funds.
Please make sure that when you send those tokens to an exchange you use the receiving address of Heco Network.
Since HECO chain is backed by Houbi Exchange so they accept that network, I am not sure about any other exchange though so I will suggest to use that exchange if you want to withdraw them.


Hello thanks for the information but I am aware with this. The one I am looking for is the assets shown in the attached image.

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the assets in the image are in Matic/polygon network which are uses to play Pegaxy game.

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4 days ago, March 24, someone did withdraw the amount you say you are missing. But the following days there a still a lot of traffic. Are you sure it is not something you have bought in a game or something like that ?

Take a look at polygonscan(.)com and enter your address


These assets were transferred from your wallet to another wallet. You can check the full history of your wallet in and out on polygon scan as well as in the transaction history of your wallet.
Also if you think these transferred are not made by you then must check the link shared by @KBee in this post about getting hacked.


Thank you BlueSpaceBike for the reply.
My last log in to my wallet was 22 March and 26 March that this was the time that my assets are gone.


Try to see if you have connected your wallet to some website you don’t recognize. I do this check once in a while just to be sure. Click the 3 dots and Connected sites.


Hi Kbee, thanks you for the reply & email.
I have found the attached image which my Matic transfered to this address.

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