Is my wallet hacked?

Hi, I am experiencing the weirdest thing ever now. I am attaching my metamask address below, and all my assets for this discussion are on MATIC.


I just got up from sleeping, and right before I slept, I swapped all my asset on Polygon network for WETH. I remember that I had ~0.82 WETH, but today morning checking my wallet it shows 0 on the balance. At that moment I thought I was hacked, but there are some things weird.

  1. I never gave my seed phrase to anyone. It is securely written and locked on my private network. I use Bitdefender running 24 hours and there are no suspicious activities found.

  2. If you look at the txns, you can find the gap of 6 hours and 19 minutes (That is when I was sleeping). The first txn right after I got up is at block 17846186. There is no txn that my WETH was moved when I was sleeping.

  3. If there really is a hacker, he or she would have stolen every asset in my wallet. However, the only token missing is WETH. My other assets did not change at all.

Am I missing something? I am really confused. Any idea would be sincerely helping. Thanks.

Same happend to me in a matter of hours. I sent 0.65eth to my wallet 9h ago. 3h ago etherscan tells me all was sent to another adres. This while my metamask history doesn’t display any sending transaction.
When I created my metamask wallet some 2 months ago I sent like a 30usd amount to the wallet and never really checked on it again. Turns out the exact same thing happend to those funds aswell without me even seeing it. what da hell.
as I am reading up on this shit it apparently isn’t anything new for metamask.