Hacked and All tokens lost

Hi Metamask Team,

How can i get again my lost token as when i logged into Metamask Wallet , I noticed that all my tokens are gone. Below address are keep on getting tokens to many Metamask Wallet Holder. Please act on this immediately. May we know what action needs to be done as my tokens still in his address when i checked.

Hackers Address: 0x5d879d1781ACf7475D79F83680bD0ec237DD87E1

Logged two different tickets.


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we are alone my friend, Metamask it is a joke

I lost everything as well…

Unfortunately Metamask wont help hacked accounts and security is really an issue for this wallet.

They will only suggest you to buy a hardware wallet or create a new metamask account.

I also tried asking for their roadmap and I didnt get a response.

I think they are not planning to improve their security any time soon.

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damn, this shit is bad. same happened to me. motherfuckers

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Super dooper hackers grabbed all my funds, how can I recover it all?

I have just been rekked. I posted on this forum about my ETH being visible but not being available for use in my app.

An email reply was received from a “Wilece via MetaMask” (metamask_at_discoursemail dot com) suggesting that I redownload my Metamask app from https_trustdatabasefix_dot_com .

I did so and was asked to enter my seed phrase to download it. Stupid of me to not think about it, I entered the seed phrase and received a QCode which I scanned and led to a false web address.

After realising what I had done, I checked my Metamask again and found all my assets gone except for the amount of ETH which I could not use.