Missing Tokens on metamask

need help regarding missing metamask token

Can you be more specific?

I did track my address on bscscan and I saw transaction that pulled out my tokens without my consent

is there a way to report or if I can still recover tokens that are being transferred without my permission

That means someone got hold of your private key or seed phrase.

You where either hacked, malware, or phishing scam.

It is important to try to figure out how you where hacked to take measure against it happening again.

With regards to getting the money back, no. Accepted transactions are final on the block chain, no way to revert it.

You could report it, but not sure if it will do any good, usually scammers/hackers hide their real identities and you won’t get much information from the wallet address that can be owned by anyone. The decentralised way of crypto makes it very easy for scammers and hacker to get away with this, which makes it very important for you to be extra careful.

You can have the best wallet, with all the security features, but if you give out your private key or security phrase, no security features will stop the hackers, sadly.

in regards to phrases, I never did disclose it. But I think I know where it happens. I remember connecting my metamask to a new game, well lessoon learned.
So the best way to do now is to create a new metamask and transfer all my asset from the old one?

Yes, create a completely new one, with new 12 word phrase. Don’t use your current 12 word phrase and just make a new wallet, because the wallets made from the same 12 word phrase are always the same and the hacker could get access to new wallets made with that 12 word phrase.

So completely new 12 word phrase, and transfer your tokens to that new one.