A thief stole 0.1 ETH from my wallet by fake website

My fund is stolen by following metamask wallet. He made a fake website and cheat people. Lot of people are being cheated by him. He took 0.1 ETH from my wallet. Can you do something over it. I want it back. Following are the details.
Hacker’s Metamask Wallet Address:- 0xb74bc50a9bf67f819613b264324963e2f1b9a68e
My Metamask Wallet Address:- 0x15c64ba38a599f09b86e984bdd43fd2a258592b1
Transaction Hash: 0x099b50fac378a49c9d198227a0f9e1f6c97afdf54b4108d0009fc52320aaf403
Hope for a positive reply from yourside to make crypto family safer.