24 Words Seed Phrase from Brave Browser

If you have a Brave Wallet 24-word seed phrase, you can only use it in Brave’s wallet.

Unfortunately, Brave’s 24 words seed phrases are non-standard (not BIP39 compliant), meaning Brave’s seeds are incompatible with MetaMask, MyCrypto, MEW, and other wallets. If you want to switch to a MetaMask wallet you must send your funds to a brand new MetaMask wallet address.

Make sure you backup the new seed phrase and store it in a safe place.

For more information regarding this, please visit this issue posted on Brave’s Github Repo here.

Dear team
I used 24 seed on my Android mobile phone. Metamask works there HOWEVER it is still not possible on my laptop and I need to use PrintScreen for tokens and staking reasons
What can I do?

  1. Wallet Secret Recovery Phrase: fully completed
  2. New passport provided
  3. RESTORE: clicked on it more than once NO results.

Please help